verb [grok•ked; grok•king; groks]: To communicate with deep empathy; to understand (someone or something) profoundly or intuitively.
A GrokShop is a strategic workshop that facilitates and accelerates brand transformation.

A collaborative, flexible and efficient process where key client decision makers come together with Grok to gain insight into their challenges, consider all options, and agree on a strategic direction to achieve their business goals.

A process that delivers a roadmap to make those goals a reality. One that doesn’t always have to lead to an advertising campaign. It can be a corporate identity program, brand mission statement, brand manifesto, brand guidelines, brand architecture, logo, tagline, website, or a total communications strategy.
Creating a Category of One

Due to a product recall, Zicam had stopped advertising for over a year when they came to Grok for a brand reinvention. As a result of the GrokShop process, we developed a unique positioning that allowed Zicam to differentiate itself in a crowded and competitive category where they would continue to be outspent.

By turning the product's limitations into an advantage and by gaining insight into consumer behavior, we created a new "category of one" that Zicam could own: The Pre-Cold™ category.

Positoning Zicam as the Pre-Cold Medicine was a strategic platform that lead to an iconic creative solution driving all communications: packaging, website, social media, digital campaigns, and TV and print advertising.
Creating Order Out of Chaos

As a leader in sales management software, CallidusCloud was an authority in pretty much everything "sales" related. Except one: selling themselves. After a long period of acquisitions, they were faced with a vast, confusing collection of disparate products, services and brands.

The GrokShop process allowed us to “simplify a complicated mess” according to their CMO. We simplified their organization around four key pillars: Hire, Train, Marketing and Sales. Grok created a coherent branding platform that determined how to treat sub-brands, and helped define their strategy for future acquisition.

In fact, our brand architecture solution inspired their new logo design. Grok also created a new verbal and visual identity system, along with a set of brand guidelines.

All, in less than three months.
Envisioning a Brand Transformation

After numerous acquisitions, EnvisionRx, a Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) company, grew from a small "transparent" (flat fee) PBM model to a full-service PBM offering wide range of financial, pharmacy, insurance and healthcare solutions.

We designed a GrokShop to help EnvisionRx’s leadership team transform into a new, bigger and more competitive player while leveraging their existing strengths.

We repositioned the brand as "Visibly Different" and created a new brand voice driven by the “Everyday Hero” archetype, to speak to both external and internal audiences.

The results go deeper than a new corporate identity system, brand architecture, tagline, website and collateral materials, all of which we created. Grok’s brand vision for EnvisionRx now permeates their entire culture, even to the point where employees are measured on whether they behave like Everyday Heroes.

EnvisionRx has been acquired by Rite Aid, which was, in turn, acquired by Walgreens. But their new brand vision is still in place.
Finding the Surprise In Big Data

Qlik, the leading visual analytics software company outside the U.S., needed to increase awareness in the U.S. against two major competitors, Tableau and Domo. And they wanted to go to market, fast.

A GrokShop allowed us to quickly analyze the competition, and agree on a strategic direction based on Qlik’s unique “associative model” which doesn’t limit users to predefined questions and preconceived relationships in big data. But it wasn’t telegraphic and only made sense to people who already knew what it was. We redefined Qlik as the only way to find surprising connections in big data. So businesses can get the whole story and make better decisions.

Grok’s “whole story” campaign launched in print, airport OOH, online, radio, and landing pages to complete the “whole story” experience.

Initial briefing to launch took less than three months.
Helping More Wishes Come True, Faster

In 2013, after 30 years, Make-A-Wish/Metro New York celebrated granting its 10,000th wish.

We held a GrokShop to determine how to celebrate the 10,000 milestone, but also how to leverage it for future fundraising. Because granting wishes and fundraising had accelerated every year, Make-A-Wish needed a way to continue momentum. They needed an idea that would be part celebration and part motivation.

Grok created "10 in 10”, an ambitious mission for the organization to grant the next 10,000 wishes in 10 years.

"10 in 10" became the strategic platform to attract multiple-year givers, the difficult and highly desirable model for all philanthropies. Fundraisers could now position every request for donations as part of this bigger mission.

As a direct result, Make-A-Wish/Metro New York received the largest single donation in its history: ten million dollars. And going on three years, the organization is on target to complete the next 10,000 wishes by 2023.
Protecting the #1 Position

Culturelle was the #1 probiotic in a small category that was about to explode. So much so that it had attracted two CPG giants to enter the market.

We held a GrokShop to plan how to remain competitive and hold onto market share, while being outspent and dominated. Based on the extensive experience of Grok's partners with giant CPG brands, we accurately predicted the launch activities and market strategies of the new entrants.

We let the giants build the category, while we positioned Culturelle as the trusted and proven choice. For two years, Culturelle remained competitive. And, by year three, Culturelle regained the #1 position it still holds today.
Making Wellness Programs Healthier

Tailwind is an in-house agency at CIGNA whose job is to accelerate employee engagement in the company’s health and wellness programs.

But Tailwind wanted to go beyond the walls of CIGNA to help outside companies increase employee participation in their corporate health and wellness programs.

Through the GrokShop process, we helped Tailwind successfully reposition itself within CIGNA and gave them the tools to reach outside corporations. Grok's communication strategy for Tailwind included a new brand character and voice, mission statement, manifesto, and logo design.
Strengthening a Brand for Acquisition

We knew Taleo, a talent management software company, would not be a long-term client. Their plan was to build brand awareness so they could be acquired in two to three years.

"Talent Intelligence" was Taleo's existing brand equity. But it didn't clearly describe what made them unique. We dug deeper to understand the specific needs of those who attract, hire, manage and compensate talent. And with a subtle but important shift, we took Taleo's existing brand equity to a new level.

Talent Intelligence Knows™ became Taleo's new communications platform. We developed a distinctive global advertising campaign that ran in airports, magazines, newspaper and digital. We also developed a video to educate the sales force, and an interactive sales tool.

The campaign may have worked too well. Taleo was acquired in less than 9 months by Oracle.
Giving Four Organizations One Voice

Genentech wanted to help lymphoma patients get the help and support they need to cope with their disease by forming a collaboration and partnership with four leading blood cancer organizations.

A GrokShop was designed to allow the different constituencies to have a voice in the process. We were able to facilitate a session that brought four competitive organizations together to discuss objectives, challenges and opportunities. In one day, we were able to help them align on a unified path forward.

Grok created a name for the new organization, ARCH, the Alliance for Resource Collaboration in Hematology. In addition, we created an advertising campaign that tapped into a patient's feeling of isolation. New brand graphics and a new brand voice were applied to all communication materials, including their website.
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